Friday, July 9, 2010

We've Expanded Our Home By Four Feet!

Welcome to the Dog Days of Denali - GDA Puppy in Training!

Not only is this our first time training a puppy for GDA, it's our first attempt at creating a blog. In the next few days we'll attempt to bring you up to date on how we arrived on this wonderful journey, but for now, let me introduce you to our new puppy, Denali!

Denali is a female, yellow labrador retriever who belongs to Guide Dogs of America (GDA). She was born on May 18, 2010, so that makes her 7 1/2 weeks old. She was born into the "D" litter and her litter has seven puppies -- 6 yellow, 1 black; 4 male, 3 female. Her littermates are: Dublin, Deco, Dusty, Delaney, Daisy, and D-Logan.

D-Logan and Denali are sponsored puppies. Being a sponsored puppy is a very special honor -- it means that an individual has donated $4,000 to GDA (per puppy) to cover the expenses from breeding to 18 to 20 months old when the dog goes in for formal training. Often times a sponsor will choose the name of the puppy that is being sponsored. This is why Logan's name is D-Logan. His sponsor wanted to name him Logan, but he has the letter "D" in front to show that he belongs to the "D" litter. We lucked out and got to choose the name for Denali, even though she is being sponsored by the same person who is sponsoring Logan.

Today was Puppy Pick Up Day and the picture above is one of the first we took of Denali.

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